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Spraying is a great option if your kitchen functionality does not need to be changed and you just want a new look or to freshen up dull cabinets without spending a fortune. Most spraying jobs take an average of 2-3 days so disruption is minimal.

Since we use only top of the line oil-based lacquer your kitchen is fully functional immediately after the project is complete and there is no drying or curing time required. Compare that to a total remodel which can take upwards of four weeks and you can see why spraying is becoming such a popular choice for kitchen remodeling.

-Endless Colour Selection

-We can spray on any surface even previously painted surfaces.

-We use only 100% pre-cat OIL-based lacquer!!

  • No demolition necessary, so your kitchen remains functional.

  • No plumbing or electrical to move.

  • Completed usually in 2-3 days with minimal disruption.

  • You get a completely remodeled look.

  • A great opportunity to customize your kitchen by adding new hardware, crown mouldings, valance, two-tone.

  • Add soft close doors or drawers.

  • A great way to increase your home value.

  • We leave your kitchen clean so it is functional immediately after your project is completed.

All work is guaranteed!

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Our Reputation Is Built On Customer Trust


Brian and his team were great to work with. They kept me informed during the whole process and made the process very quick. I had a wedding at my house and needed my kitchen done right away. They adjusted their schedule to get me in almost immediately and everyone at the wedding thought I had a new kitchen put in! I would definitely recommend their service.

Ted Delores, Waterloo

I couldn’t believe what a difference it made in my kitchen by just having them sprayed. I thought my only option was to replace my kitchen until I spoke with Pristine Design. They gave me a huge variety of colours to chose for my bathroom vanities and even matched my kitchen colour to the island I purchased a year prior. They saved me tones of money and I achieved exactly what I would have gotten if I replaced my kitchen. Highly recommended.

Natalie, London Ontario
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When you choose Pristine Design you can stop worrying about your renovation project.

We ensure the least disruption to you and your family members. Completion of your project with excellent results is what we strive for!

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