Policies and Procedures


  • Kitchen must be emptied and countertops cleared prior to arrival of Pristine team
  • Kitchen must be free from dirt, dust and grease, any dirt, dust or grease existing will result in a textured finish and will not be the responsibility of pristine contractors
  • Any water lines or gas lines to fridge and stove must be turned off and removed from appliances prior to job start date
  • All colours must be chosen and given to contractor 5 days prior to job start date to allow time for mixing and preparation of materials.. If colours are not chosen within 5 days prior to start date it may result in a delay or job cancellation by contractor (any funds or deposits paid will be forfeited by customer in this case and used as liquidated damages)
  • Kitchen walls will not be covered during spraying process and may need repainting afterwards. Repainting is NOT included in the project price. Painting can be completed by Pristine at additional cost if needed
  • Once Pristine arrives on site there will be no access to the kitchen area as kitchen will be sealed off from remainder of house. If seal is broken or opened by customer Pristine takes no responsibility for any dust or debris that escapes into remainder of the house. Any cleaning costs will be at customers expense.
  • All project dates are estimates and may fluctuate within reason due to job timelines and additional work/unforeseen work, however, we try our best to keep all projects on schedule
  • We do our best to repair any cabinet deficiencies where possible, please keep in mind that they are used cabinets and some flaws may still be visible in the finished product. Any existing wood grain on heavy grain cabinets will be visible in finished product. Filling Exposure of existing wood grain on oak or heavy grain cabinets is not covered and will be charged at $150 per hour
  • To reserve the Project Date and to reserve the contractors, Client shall pay to Contractor, upon execution of a written contract, a non-refundable reservation fee in the amount of $200. Client understands and agrees that the deposit will be used to secure the project date and purchase materials needed to start the project. In the event that Client cancels the project for any reason, Contractor shall suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain. As such, Client agrees that, in the event of cancellation by the Client outside of the 10 day cooling-off period (10 calendar days from the date of a signed contract), such $200 shall be forfeited by Client and paid to Contractor as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Client and Contractor agree that such amount is reasonable
  • Any cancellation by the customer within the 10 day cooling-off period is subject to a full refund of paid deposit. Contractor will fully refund the deposit amount in full within a 30 day period from time of written cancellation
  • The contractor has the right to terminate any contract with reasonable notice in which case the $200 deposit will be fully refunded to the customer within a 30 day period
  • Remaining contract balance is due at time of completion of project and contract is to be signed as completed and paid in full (other payments terms may be negotiated for larger projects and payments may be made as work is completed)
  • All countertop contracts are subject to 50% deposit at time of template and remaining 50% balance at time of completion of install



I acknowledge that I have read, and do herby accept the terms and conditions included in the policies and procedures as listed above. 


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