Make your Kitchen like New!

Adding some basic kitchen upgrades can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen. It can change your basic kitchen into looking and feeling like a completely custom kitchen. Kitchen upgrades are very cost efficient and make a huge difference to the appearance of your kitchen.

Real estate experts will always tell you the #1 way to increase the value of your home is a kitchen upgrade. 

Our Kitchen Upgrades Include

  • Crown moulding

  • Valence

  • Bulk head removal

  • Cabinet extensions

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Two-toned cabinets

  • Adding trim/wainscoting to islands or bars

  • Backsplashes

Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Repainting Kitchener Waterloo London Woodstock Guelph

When you choose Pristine Design you can stop worrying about your renovation project.

We ensure the least disruption to you and your family members. Completion of your project with excellent results is what we strive for!

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