What Sets us Apart

Our unique wrapping and venting system allows us to spray your kitchen right in your home. This means that no cabinets are removed from their hinges and prevents any damage during transporting. This also means that every component of your kitchen is sprayed, not just your doors. This includes the insides of your cabinets that over time become stained and discoloured, your frames, kick plates, and sides of your cabinets. This gives you a very custom feel allowing for your entire kitchen colour to be uniform and look brand new. We do not use a brush or roller for any reason. Spraying everything in its entirety allows for no brush or roller marks and gives a flawless finish to your new kitchen.

We spray your entire kitchen with 3 full coats. All our products are 100% lacquer direct from the factory. The first coat is 100% lacquer primer which will cover any grease marks or stains on your cabinets and allow for a uniform finish. This primer also allows for optimum adhesion so your new kitchen will last up to 10 years or more. The next 2 coats are sprayed with 100% lacquer top coat. This will allow for a flawless factory finish. Using lacquer will prevent any discolouration, chipping, cracking, and peeling. Since your kitchen is used multiple times a day lacquer will give you maximum durability. Since we spray your entire kitchen on site this allows for a very quick turn around time to minimize the disruption of not having your kitchen. Typically a kitchen is fully completed and ready to use in 2-3 days.


After pricing out my kitchen job I chose Pristine Design. Their expertise in their products and in kitchen enhancements sold me. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and would use them again for future work. s and made the process very quick. I had a wedding at my house and needed my kitchen done right away. They adjusted their schedule to get me in almost immediately and everyone at the wedding thought I had a new kitchen put in! I would definitely recommend their service.

Sylvia Carlos, Woodstock

The majority of competitors remove the doors and spray them in a shop which leaves you with no kitchen doors for a 2-4 week period. Once your doors are sprayed you are left with your original insides and frames or charged extra to have them brushed and rolled. Choosing Pristine Design avoids this disruption and waiting period and gives you a completely new kitchen in an average of 2-3 days. We also allow for complete customization of your kitchen. Enhancements such as adding new hardware and filling and drilling new holes, adding crown mouldings or valance are all ways we can transform your kitchen to achieve a completely custom look. Bulk heads can also be removed or rebuilt to add mouldings and enhance your kitchens custom appearance. Another popular trend is two-toned. This can add some contrast to your kitchen and make your kitchen a main focal point in your home. All of these services may extend your average completion time and are at an extra charge that can be discussed during your free estimate.

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When you choose Pristine Design you can stop worrying about your renovation project.

We ensure the least disruption to you and your family members. Completion of your project with excellent results is what we strive for!

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